In a relatively short time, the company managed to obtain two significant certificates. In July 2008, the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification was granted by the quality management system in the automotive industry in the area of ​​production and design of interior parts, and in May 2008 the acquisition of the environmental management system certificate according ISO 14001: 2002.

After obtaining both certificates strengthened its position on the Slovak market and opened the door for further development and cooperation with renowned foreign automotive companies. In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, are these certificates for automakers guarantee of quality and a positive signal, which strengthens the position of this young company not only on the Slovak market, well known by its high level of integration of manufacturers and suppliers, but also in foreign markets.

For greater credibility and reliability towards our customers, the company has decided to complement its integrated quality management system. As an emphasis on enhancing employee safety, this requirement becomes more and more important (not only) to customers, and also to legislative considerations. The decision to introduce OHSAS 18001:2007, international standard was therefore completed in October 2013 by a certificate. All of our efforts were reviewed in November 2014, when the company received a national award - the Slovak National Quality Award, winner of the A1 category. Another milestone in this continuous activity is the preparation and activity of EFQM's European Model of Excellence in February 2016 with successfull 5 STAR certification.

In addition, we have done and successfully completed our CCC Certification under Chinese Standard GB8410-2006 for our customer who exports our products to China.