Company HANIL E-HWA AUTOMOTIVE SLOVAKIA s. r. o. is company producing components for automotive industry. Top management of this company is obliged to fulfil an obligation in systematic improving of environmental management system and the prevention of contamination, as well as the observation of law and the rules and other requirements. Top management is setting these principles of environmental management:

  • The position of company is based on relationships, facts and general perception of environment
  • The priority of the company is evaluation in exploitation of sources for solving the problems in this field in comparison with competition and in achievement of targets of company`s economic development
  • To organize the production with maximum liability from the view of negative fouling source of development in whole cycle of final production
  • The preparation of personal sources with appropriate motivation is the base of perception and positive understanding of principles of Environmental Management System
  • To achieve the consensus in understanding of strategy of this policy with governmental authorities, conserned parties and other activists by active and continuous communication.

The management of HANIL E-HWA considers Environmental Management System to be inseparable part of the company`s management system. Above mentioned principles of Environmental Management System policy are divided into long-term and short-term targets which are constantly controlled and evaluated. By this document the management of the company is assumed to keep the rules and progress described in company`s documentation and expects from each employee his full involvement in his working activity field to reach all described principles.

more informations: enviro@seoyoneh.sk
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