Mr. president’s speech

Mr. Jong Myung Kim (President & CEO)

Mr. Jong Myung Kim (President & CEO)

Europe has historically been the source of automotive technology and design.

The tradition is continuing today.

Slovakia, with Seoyon E-HWA, is the center of EU transportation linking Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and the per capita car production is the best in the world and the best place for automobile production.

It was founded in 2005 and developed into the present.

Based on 32 years of experience in research and development, management experience in previous assignments and cooperation with competent local managers.

Seoyon Group's management policy:

  • Human Resource Management, Creative Management, Deep Management

 I will do my best based on Seoyon E-HWA Slovak's corporate policy:

  • Our Strong Challenge
  • Our True Communication
  • Our Sincere Collaboration

To make our employee´s dream come true.

We all challenge, communicate and collaborate.

Let's make it real.

Seoyon E-HWA President & CEO

Mr. Jong Myung Kim